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It may come as a shock to anyone familiar with Beyoncé’s career that she of the flawless hair, skin, teeth and wardrobe ever looks anything less than perfect — especially in photographs.

From the makeup-free vacation pictures she posts on Tumblr to candid paparazzo shots taken in the streets, Rarely is Queen Bey pictured with a hair out of place.

One might almost assume she’s magically photogenic.
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As it turns out, She’s not. She simply has people for that.
Within hours of posting a glowing review of the singer’s half time performance at the Super Bowl, Buzzfeed’s Lauren “" Yapalater received an email from Beyoncé’s publicist.

Yvette Noel-Schure respectfully asked that Buzzfeed remove seven of the 33 images used by Yapalater in her post, “The 33 Fiercest Moments From Beyoncé’s Halftime Show.”
Rather than remove the offending photos, Buzzfeed did what the viral content aggregator does best by republishing them in a post called “The “Unflattering” Photos Beyoncé’s Publicist Doesn’t Want You To See.”
All photos were taken by Ezra Shaw, an accredited photographer at the Super Bowl, and released through Getty Images.

Here, as Buzzfeed Celeb writes, are “the photos from the live halftime performance broadcast to 108.4 million people” Noel-Schure called unflattering.
Many are criticizing Beyoncé’s PR team for failing to realize what kind of wrath she would incur by emailing Buzzfeed with such a request.

"The most obvious lesson from the whole thing is that if there’s ever a picture up on the Internet that you don’t want people to see, it’s probably not the best strategy to go ahead and flag said photo for a blogger who makes her bones by creating viral listicles. (That would appear to be PR 101 in the online age.)" wrote’s Josh Voorhees.

Lindy West of Jezebel agreed.

"Weird! It’s almost as though she’s a human being with muscles and a face!" she wrote about the photos in question. "Kewl idea, publicist lady! Then no one will know the truth. About Bey having a face.
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