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Storified by The Weather Channel · Fri, May 31 2013 17:01:35

Another BIG severe “" weather threat this evening and tonight, about 49 million people at risk. pic.twitter.com/skvm5TRSJn · Chris Warren

Just after 5:30 p.m. local time, the first tornado warning was issued just west of Oklahoma City, Okla.

Minutes later, a tornado was reported to be in progress near El Reno as the storm danced over Interstate 40.

Multiple areas of concern out there. Absolutely explosive development. pic.twitter.com/aM8CrwoDSl · Matt Lanza
BREAKING PHOTO: ‘Violent tornado’ on the ground near El Reno, Oklahoma pic.twitter.com/N2QgY6Xlma · NBC Nightly News
I don’t think I’ve ever seen velocities like this on a tornado. Horrible feeling about this. pic.twitter.com/H1jHfMmkjo · Martin Cornick
Overturned car due to OKC tornado twitpic.com/cul9br · Todd Yakoubian

Right around 6:30 p.m. Central, Tornado Hunt meteorologist Mike Bettes and crew were overtaken by the tornado. He reported the car was tossed about 200 yards, but the crew sustained only minor injuries.

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